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Digital Media Design Technology
This program will provide training in desktop publishing, photography, graphic design, imaging editing, 3-D solids modeling, Flash and 3-D animation, sound editing, non-linear video editing and effects, web page design and multimedia development. Graduates of this program will find employment as desktop publishers, web site designers, multimedia producers, graphic artists, advertising specialists, commercial computer artists, educational software developers, electronic game developers, and 3D animation specialists.

In this program, students will learn to:

• create illustrations
• design page layout
• manipulate sound and video
• create and edit computer images
• design 3-D modeling and animation
• create web pages
• incorporate interactivity, and related media applications

Admissions Requirements

Students must complete the admissions requirements listed under "Admissions Information."
Associate of Applied Science Degree - 2014LecLabContCredit
Semester 1
ARTC1302  Digital Imaging I24963
ARTC1305  Basic Graphic Design24963
ENGL1301  Composition I30483
PHTC1311  Fundamentals of Photography24963
MATH1314  College Algebra30483
Total Hours121238415
Semester 2
ARTC1313  Digital Publishing I24963
ENGL2314  Technical & Business Writing30483
GRPH1359  Vector Graphics for Production24963
ARTC2347  Design Communication II24963
  Humanities/Fine Arts Elective30483
Total Hours121238415
Semester 3
ARTC2305  Digital Imaging II24963
ARTC2313  Digital Publishing II24963
ARTV1343  Digital Sound24963
ARTV1351  Digital Video24963
SPCH1311  Intro to Speech Communication30483
Total Hours111643215
Semester 4
ARTV1341  3-D Animation I24963
ARTV2341  Advanced Digital Video24963
IMED1316  Web Design I24963
IMED1345  Interactive Digital Media I24963
Total Hours81638412
Semester 5
ARTC2335  Portfolio Development for Graphic Design ° ** 24963
ARTV2351  3-D Animation II24963
IMED2345  Interactive Digital Media II24963
IMED2315  Web Page Design II24963
  Social/Behavioral Sciences Elective † 30483
Total Hours111643215
Grand Totals5472201672
º This course has been designated as the capstone course
† Courses articulated with high schools
‡ Course with external learning experience
** GRPH 1380, GRPH 2380, GRPH 2680 may be taken instead of the capstone course
* SPCH 1311 or SPCH Elective
* MATH 1314 or MATH 1332
* ENGL 2314 or ENGL 2307

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