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The Engineering program supports and enhances the college's technical education mission by providing Texas industry with employees who perform well at the entry level by virtue of their competence in mathematical manipulations and problem solving techniques using engineering principles. The Engineering program prepares graduates for advancement in the workplace through the acquisition of superior science and mathematics-based problem-solving skills, and facilitates progress toward successful completion of further educational goals and/or lifelong learning experiences
Associate of Science Degree - 2013LecLabContCredit
Semester 1
ENGL1301  Composition I30483
MATH2413  Calculus I40644
CHEM1311  General Chemistry I ** 30483
CHEM1111  General Chemistry Lab I ** 03481
ENGR1201  Introduction to Engineering20322
Total Hours12324013
Semester 2
ENGR1204  Engineering Graphics I13642
ENGL1302  Composition II30483
MATH2414  Calculus II40644
PHYS2325  University Physics I ** 30483
PHYS2125  University Physics I Lab ** 03481
Total Hours11627213
Semester 3
ENGR2304  Programming for Engineers30483
HIST1301  United States History I30483
GOVT2306  Texas Government (Texas constitution & topics)30483
  Fine Arts Elective * 30483
Total Hours12019212
Semester 4
  Economics Elective * 30483
ENGR2301  Engineering Mechanics I - Statics30483
MATH2415  Calculus III40644
PHYS2326  University Physics II ** 30483
PHYS2126  University Physics II Lab ** 03481
Total Hours13325614
Semester 5
ENGR2305  Circuits I Electrical Engineering30483
ENGR2105  Circuit I Electrical Engineering Laboratory03481
MATH2320  Differential Equations30483
  Engineering Elective * 30483
  Humanities Elective * 30483
Total Hours12324013
Grand Totals6015120065
** Pre-Requisites: MATH 1314 and (MATH 1316 or MATH 2312)
** CHEM 1311/1111 or CHEM 1411
** PHYS 2325/2125 or PHYS 2425
** PHYS 2326/2126 or PHYS 2426
* Fine Arts: ARTS 1301 or ARTS 1303 or ARTS 1304 or MUSI 1306
* Economics: ECON-2301 or ECON 2302
* Engineering Elective: ENGR 2302, COSC 1420, COSC 1337 COSC 2325 or equivalent, ENGR 2308
* Humanities: ENGL 2321 or ENGL 2326 or ENGL 2331

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