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Dental Laboratory Technology
The level of public awareness of dental health and preventive dentistry has increased significantly in recent years. Because of this fact and relatively widespread dental insurance coverage, it is expected that the demand for dental laboratory technicians will continue to grow. Dental laboratory technicians make dentures, retainers, crowns, inlays, bridges and orthodontic appliances using written instructions from dentists. This field is an exacting science, as well as an art, which requires attention to precise details.

In this program, students will learn to

• Work with wire, plaster, porcelain, wax, plastic, gold and other metals
• Use specialized tools to carve and shape dental materials
• Match color and placement of teeth for natural look and comfortable fit

Admissions Requirements

In addition to admissions requirements listed under "Admissions Information," students are required to complete special tests in manual dexterity, dimensional abilities and use of tools. Applicants will be notified of testing dates.
Certificate of Completion - 2013LecLabContCredit
Semester 1
DLBT1301  Dental Anatomy and Tooth Morphology23803
DLBT1209  Removable Partial Denture Techniques I14802
DLBT1213  Complete Denture Techniques I14802
DLBT1217  Fixed Restorative Techniques I14802
Total Hours5153209
Semester 2
DLBT1205  Dental Materials14802
DLBT2204  Removable Partial Denture Techniques II14802
DLBT2207  Complete Denture Techniques II14802
DLBT2211  Fixed Restorative Techniques II14802
Total Hours4163208
Semester 3
DLBT2215  Removable Partial Denture Techniques III13642
DLBT2217  Complete Denture Techniques III13642
DLBT2241  Dental Ceramics I13642
DLBT2244  Introduction to Orthodontic Procedures13642
DLBT2321  Fixed Restorative Techniques III23803
TECM1303  Technical Calculations30483
Total Hours91538414
Semester 4
DLBT1291  Special Topics in Dental Laboratory Technician14802
DLBT2333  Complete Denture Techniques IV23803
DLBT2235  Fixed Restorative Techniques IV14802
DLBT2242  Dental Ceramics II14802
Total Hours5153209
Semester 5
DLBT2430  Special Project in Dental Laboratory Procedures281604
DLBT2446  Practical Laboratory Procedures ° 281604
POFT1301  Business English30483
Total Hours71636811
Grand Totals3077171251
º These courses are designated as capstone courses
† High school articulated course

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