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Vocational Nursing
The licensed vocational nurse (LVN), an important member of the medical team, may gather information, access and provide direct care for the sick, injured, convalescent, and disabled under the direction of physicians and registered nurses. LVNs generally work in acute and long-term care facilities or they may work in clinics, be employed as utilization reviewers who evaluate medical records in hospitals and doctors’ offices, plus many other health-related areas.
LVNs care for patients in many ways. Often, they provide basic bedside care. Experienced LVNs may supervise nursing assistants and aides.

As part of their work, LVNs collect samples for testing, perform routine laboratory tests, and record food and fluid intake and output. They clean and monitor medical equipment. Sometimes, they help physicians and registered nurses perform tests and procedures. Some LVNs help to deliver, care for, and feed infants.

LVNs also monitor their patients and report adverse reactions to medications or treatments. LVNs gather information from patients, including their health history and how they are currently feeling. They may use this information to complete insurance forms, pre-authorizations, and referrals, and they share information with registered nurses and doctors to help determine the best course of care for a patient. LVNs often teach family members how to care for a relative or teach patients about good health habits. Most LVNs are generalists and work in all areas of health care. However, some work in a specialized setting, such as a nursing home, a doctor’s office, or in home health care. LVNs in nursing care facilities help to evaluate residents’ needs, assist in developing care plans, and supervise the care provided by nursing aides. In Texas, LVNs are permitted to administer prescribed medicines, start intravenous fluids, and provide care to ventilator-dependent patients. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment of LVNs is expected to grow 14 percent between 2006 and 2016, faster than the average for all occupations, in response to the long-term care needs of an increasing elderly population and the general increase in demand for health care services.

Nursing has always been emotionally rewarding; now with signing bonuses of up to $5,000 and average annual salaries of $42,620, it is also financially rewarding.
Certificate of Completion - 2013LecLabContCredit
Semester 1
HPRS1204  Basic Health Profession Skills13642
PSYC2314  Lifespan Growth & Development30483
BIOL2301  Anatomy & Physiology I30483
BIOL2101  Anatomy & Physiology Laboratory I03481
BIOL2302  Anatomy & Physiology II30483
BIOL2102  Anatomy & Physiology II Lab03481
FDNS1341  Nutrition in the Life Cycle * 30483
HITT1305  Medical Terminology I23803
Total Hours151243219
Semester 2
VNSG1331  Pharmacology31643
VNSG1402  Applied Nursing Skills I33964
VNSG1304  Foundations of Nursing30483
VNSG1261  Clinical - Licensed Vocational Nurse (LVN) Training0121922
Total Hours91640012
Semester 3
VNSG1230  Maternal-Neonatal Nursing21482
VNSG1329  Medical-Surgical Nursing I31643
VNSG2413  Applied Nursing Skills II32804
VNSG1462  Clinical - Licensed Vocational Nurse (LVN) Training0203204
Total Hours82451213
Semester 4
VNSG1219  Leadership and Professional Development20322
VNSG 1334  Pediatrics30483
VNSG 1432  Medical-Surgical Nursing II32804
VNSG2463  Clinical - Licensed Vocational Nurse (LVN) Training ° 0182884
Total Hours82044813
Grand Totals4072179257
º This course has been designated as the capstone course
† Courses articulated with high shools
‡ Course with external learning experience
*FDNS 1341 or ENGL 1301


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