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Agricultural Operations
Agricultural professionals, including farmers and ranchers, must be highly knowledgeable in all aspects of agricultural operations, including business and finance, to be successful in today’s global agricultural economy.
The successful farmer will continue to be a key person in the U.S. economy, with the advantages of outdoor living and working independently that few people are privileged to enjoy. The agriculture industry needs trained workers in its many areas, such as farms, ranches, feed services, and government agencies. Employees must have proper training in order to assist in the various aspects of a successful operation.

In this program, students will learn to:

• Operate farm equipment
• Process and handle livestock using up-to-date equipment and livestock holding facilities
• Plant, cultivate and harvest crops, such as cotton, grain, corn and vegetables
• Supervise agricultural operations

Admissions Requirements

Students must complete the admissions requirements listed under "Admissions Information."
Certificate of Completion - 2013LecLabContCredit
Semester 1
AGAH1401  Animal Science341124
AGMG1300  Agricultural Policies, Safety & Codes24963
AGCR1341  Forage and Pasture Management24963
Total Hours71230410
Semester 2
AGAH1347  Animal Reproduction24963
AGAH2413  Principles of Feeds & Feeding341124
AGCR1403  Crop Science24964
POFT1301  Business English † * 30483
Total Hours101235214
Semester 3
AGCR2305  Entomology24963
AGCR2313  Soil & Water Conservation Management22643
AGMG1318  Introduction to Agricultural Economics * 24963
BIOL 1306  Biology for Science Majors I † * 30483
BIOL1106  Biology for Science Majors I Lab † * 03481
Total Hours91335213
Grand Totals2637100837
† Courses articulated with high schools
* POFT 1301 or ENGL 1301
* BIOL 1406 or BIOL 1306 and BIOL 1106
* AGMG 1318 or AGMG 2382 or AGMG 2682

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