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Game and Simulation Programming Specialty
Due to the extensive use of computers in business and industry, a great demand for computer programmers exists. Computer programs, or software, are the series of instructions that tell the computer what operations to perform. Graduates from the game and simulation programming specialty will have a strong background in game design, software development tools and techniques, and graphics programming.

In this program, students will learn to:

Develop computer games and simulations using appropriate tools and techniques. Examine best practices for entering the industry.

Admissions Requirements

Students must complete the admissions requirements listed under "Admissions Information."
Associate of Applied Science Degree - 2013LecLabContCredit
Semester 1
GAME1303  Introduction to Game Design & Development24963
MATH1314  College Algebra30483
GAME1306  Design and Creation of Games24963
ARTC1302  Digital Imaging I24963
Total Hours91233612
Semester 2
GAME1301  Computer Ethics22643
MATH1316  Plane Trigonometry30483
ITSE1307  Introduction to C++ Programming24963
GAME1309  Introduction to Animation Programming24963
Total Hours91030412
Semester 3
MATH2318  Linear Algebra30483
ITSE2331  Advanced C++ Programming24963
GAME 1304  Level Design24963
GAME1349  OpenGL Programming I24963
Total Hours91233612
Semester 4
GAME1353  Multi-User Game Programming I24963
ITSE2345  Data Structures24963
GAME1343  Graphics & Simulation Programming I24963
GAME2353  OpenGL Programming II24963
Total Hours81638412
Semester 5
GAME2303  Artificial Intelligence Programming I24963
ENGL1301  Composition I30483
GAME1359  Game and Simulation Programming II24963
  Speech Elective † 30483
Total Hours10828812
Semester 6
  Social/Behavioral Sciences Elective † 30483
  Humanities/Fine Arts Elective † 30483
GAME2359  Game & Simulation Group Project24963
GAME2333  Game and Simulation Programming III24963
Total Hours10828812
Grand Totals5566193672
† Articulated course with High Schools


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