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Wind Energy & Turbine Technology
In the Wind Energy Technology Program, students will learn to operate and maintain the systems that make a wind turbine function whether it's an electrical, pneumatic, communications, computer, control or hydraulic system. Safety is a critical part of the wind energy industry and upon completion of the program you'll be able to practice those principles in industry.

Students will also learn all about SCADA (that stands for Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition). It's the utility industry standard computerized system that controls the wind tower network. You'll also find that knowledge of all the systems you'll learn in the Wind Energy Technology Program is important not only to wind energy but also to many other types of companies in the utility industry.

In this program, students will learn how to:

• Demonstrate proficient skills in maintaining and repairing electrical systems of wind turbines.
• Exhibit competency in maintaining and repairing mechanical systems of wind turbines.
• Implement a safe working environment in response to hazards associated with wind turbines.
• Work with supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems and data communications related to wind turbines.

Admissions Requirements
Students must complete the admissions requirements listed under "Admissions Information."
Associate of Applied Science Degree - 2013LecLabContCredit
Semester 1
WIND1300  Introduction to Wind Energy30483
WIND1302  Wind Safety22643
CETT1303  DC Circuits24963
MATH1314  College Algebra30483
Total Hours10625612
Semester 2
ELMT1305  Basic Fluid Power24963
CETT1305  AC Circuits24963
CETT1325  Digital Fundamentals24963
INMT1317  Industrial Automation24963
Total Hours81638412
Semester 3
WIND2455  Wind Turbine Troubleshooting and Repair24964
WIND2459  Wind Power Delivery System32804
CPMT2350  Industry Certification Preparation24963
WIND2310  Wind Turbine Materials and Electro-Mechanical Equipment22643
ELMT1301  Programmable Logic Controllers24963
Total Hours111643217
Semester 4
WIND1470  Wind Turbine SCADA and Networking24964
  Humanities/Fine Arts Elective † 30483
ENGL1301  Composition I30483
  Social/Behavioral Sciences Elective † 30483
  Speech Elective † 30483
Total Hours14428816
Semester 5
ELMT2380  Coop: Electromechanical Technology/Electromechanical Engineering Technology * 1193203
Total Hours1193203
Grand Totals4461168060
† Courses articulated with high schools
* ELMT 2380 or ELMT 1391

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