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Architectural Design and Engineering Graphics Technology
Industrial growth and increasingly complex design problems linked to new products and processes will greatly increase the demand for drafting services in the future. Drafters prepare detailed drawings used to manufacture or build any object or structure. These drawings are prepared from sketches, notes and discussions with other designers, architects and engineers. Neatness and the ability to pay close attention to details are important qualities for drafters.

In this program, students will:

• Utilize computer graphics equipment to produce drawings and solve problems in mechanical, electronic, civil, and architectural drafting
• Learn principles of computer-aided drafting on various types of industry-quality graphics systems
• Learn basic principles of design as applied to printed circuit board production, electrical-mechanical packaging, architectural and civil engineering and other areas.

Admissions Requirements

In addition to admissions requirements listed under "Admissions Information," it is recommended students complete two units of high school mathematics, including one unit of Algebra.
Associate of Applied Science Degree - 2013LecLabContCredit
Semester 1
ENGL1301  Composition I30483
DFTG1305  Technical Drafting24963
DFTG1309  Basic Computer-Aided Drafting † * 24963
  Speech Elective 30483
Total Hours10828812
Semester 2
DFTG2319  Intermediate Computer-Aided Drafting24963
DFTG1333  Mechanical Drafting24963
SRVY2348  Plane Surveying24963
DFTG2312  Technical Illustration & Presentation24963
MATH1314  College Algebra30483
Total Hours111643215
Semester 3
DFTG2332  Advanced Computer-Aided Drafting24963
DFTG2330  Civil Drafting24963
DFTG1317  Architectural Drafting - Residential24963
GISC1311  Introduction to Geographic Information Systems (GIS)24963
INDS1300  Interior Design Drafting Applications22643
Total Hours101844815
Semester 4
DFTG1357  Specialized Intermediate Computer-Aided Drafting (CAD)24963
DFTG2340  Solid Modeling/Design24963
DFTG1310  Specialized Basic Computer Aided Drafting (CAD)24963
MATH1316  Plane Trigonometry30483
GISC 2320  Intermediate Geographic Information Systems (GIS)24963
Total Hours111643215
Semester 5
  Humanities/Fine Arts Elective † 30483
ARCE1352  Structural Drafting24963
DFTG2338  Final Project - Advanced Drafting ° 24963
GISC1301  Cartography and Geography in Geographical Information Systems (GIS) and Global Positioning Systems24963
PSYC2301  General Psychology30483
Total Hours121238415
Grand Totals5470198472
° This course is designated as a capstone course
† High School Articulated Courses
‡ Courses with External Experience
** DFTG 2380 or DFTG 2680 (Co-op) may be taken in place of the capstone course
*DFTG 1309 or ENGR 1304


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